Charlotte Flair addresses public comments made by her father Ric

Ric Flair has been vocal in recent months when it comes to his daughter Charlotte. Flair was reportedly critical of booking decisions involving Charlotte and has also made negative comments about Becky Lynch.

While speaking with Peter Rosenberg, Smackdown women’s champion Charlotte addressed Ric’s comments from interviews and social media…

“I’ve tried to control that and I’ve realized that I can’t [Charlotte smiled]. So, whether my dad’s my biggest cheerleader or what — I mean, he’s gonna say what he wants to say and I can’t persuade him any other way and it’s just learning to have — it does [come from a place of love] and he thinks he’s doing right by me and I know that no one in the world would do anything other than — my dad would do anything in the world for me and how much he loves me, and my career means everything to him. So, I’m gonna try not to fight that battle anymore, so… he’s always gonna go to bat for me and I would expect any parent to go to bat for their child. I think people just forget that it’s a father-daughter duo, and he’s just protecting his nest. Even though I don’t think I need protecting. I’m like, ‘Dad, I got this, okay?’ I’m still daddy’s little girl [Flair laughed].” (quote courtesy of