Changes being made to the creative process of WWE NXT 2.0

Back in September, WWE revamped NXT with the 2.0 makeover and it appears that internal changes are continuing to be made. Mike Johnson of reports that the NXT creative team will no longer be operating independently from the rest of the WWE creative team as it was during the Triple H era.

Johnson noted the following…

“ has learned the NXT Creative team has been informed that for now, they will now fall under the purview of Bruce Prichard and Christine Lubrano, directly reporting and answering to them, consistent to how the RAW and Smackdown Creative Teams each operate.”

Johnny Russo (no relation to Vince Russo) is reportedly going to be in charge the NXT writing team under Prichard and Lubrano’s supervision. Russo has been working with WWE since 2011 and became NXT’s lead writer in July 2020.

Dewey Foley (Mick Foley’s son) and Anthony Golden Jr. will also remain on the NXT creative team.