Chad Gable’s daughter crying at ringside after his loss to Gunther on WWE RAW was not planned

During an appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Chad Gable commented on his family being at ringside for his Intercontinental title match against Gunther…

“It just happened that my family was there, it wasn’t like I said, ‘Oh, let’s try to get you guys front row and make this a big deal.’ It was the last week before school, so I said let’s take them with, let’s give them one last fun thing for the summer. They happened to get, I don’t request front row tickets. I just get comps. They happened to get there. No [it wasn’t a company decision]. They didn’t even know, they didn’t even know they were coming. So they had no idea. When they found out about it, then they wanted to kind of say, ‘Let’s take advantage of this a little bit and film you during the day with your family.’ They showed us showing up, but none of that was privy to them earlier in the week. I really wasn’t even aware where they were sitting until minutes before, and my wife had sent me a picture.”

“You can’t really even, even if you wanted to, try to force some kind of emotion like that out of a kid,” Chad Gable said. “That stuff’s real. So my oldest daughter is by far my most emotional. She’s the one they the world saw crying that night. She knows the deal, I’ve spoken to her about what daddy does and how it works and all this stuff. She knows. But even that doesn’t matter. When you get there and your kid’s sitting in front of you, watching their dad get beat up, it’s gonna draw it out of them, when she’s emotional like that. My little daughter, forget it. She couldn’t care less [laughs]. I think she was looking down to see how many chips she had left in her nachos. The dude’s enthralled with it too. But the emotion from my oldest daughter I think touches on something that we don’t get often anymore. When it happens, naturally and organically, it means so much more. We get stuff sometimes, we use audience members or family members in a way that we meant for, we’re making it a part of the show. This was not planned. None of it was meant to be a part of anything. That’s what made it organic and really got everybody.” (quotes courtesy of