Chad Gable addresses his current position in WWE amidst reports about future booking plans

In February of 2023, Twitter account @WKRDWrestling reported that “there have been discussions of pushing Chad Gable as more of a serious singles star while moving Otis to Maximum Male Models in a comedy role.” It was also noted that “Gable and Otis are on the fence about splitting up due to their long time, close friendship.”

While speaking to during Wrestlemania 39 weekend, Gable commented on his current position in WWE…

“We’re in a very cool spot. We’re still a team, but they’re also using me in these singles matches, giving me some of the top guys in the company. I’m perfectly happy continuing as it is. Long-term, I’ve explored everything there is to do in tag wrestling, so I do want to see what I can do as a singles wrestler.”