Cesaro comments on not being part of the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match

In an interview with SI.com, Cesaro was asked if he felt disappointed that he wasn’t in the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match. Here was his response…

“Yes, I was. A lot of people would have liked to see me in the Rumble, and a lot of people would have liked to see me win. That would have put me on the next path of my journey. I saw Big E say in an interview he’d like to see me win, and that was very nice. I appreciate the support of my colleagues, but unfortunately, that did not happen.”

Cesaro also commented on future opportunities…

“It’s all about getting the momentum and riding that momentum to new heights. That’s what I’m searching for right now.”

“It’s an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. That’s the only thing that I can control. I don’t get a lot of mike time or interview time, but every time I step through the curtain and get in that ring, you will get that super high standard I set for myself. I will accept nothing less in the ring.”

After Being Sidelined for the Royal Rumble, Cesaro Knows He Has More to Offer WWE

The missing ingredient in last week’s Royal Rumble matches was any shred of doubt as to who would win. Once Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar entered their respective Rumbles, the finish became clear. It would have been an entirely different scenario had someone eliminated a favorite.