Candice LeRae comments on her and Johnny Gargano returning to WWE

WWE star Candice LeRae spoke with Muscle Man Malcolm at the Baltimore Celebfest 5 in Millersville, MD. Here are a few interview highlights via the outlet…

When she knew she would return to WWE: “So Johnny [Gargano] and I both knew for sure about what I wanted to say a week before he debuted. So I knew for a while. Keeping a secret was very very difficult. In this day and age there’s so much social media and so many things leaking and trying to keep a secret was really difficult. I think [him] being a secret was a little harder. Me being a secret was easier but hard because I was going with him to train. I was his training buddy but we were just like oh yeah I’m just training with him. I think people just weren’t expecting me to be ready to come back so soon, not even Triple H was ready [laughs].”

Candice on if she’d join Damage CTRL or start a faction of her own: “I’d like The Way to come back! We have Dexter now so we can… Theory can figure his life out and then we’ll get there… What is he doing? He went away to college, has a job now and he’s better than all of us.”

Life being on the road while being a mother: “It’s different leaving. I’m a homebody. I really like being home but obviously my job entails travel. We wanted to make sure that we cherished every moment that we could with him once he was born. That’s why we both just like we’re taking time off and leaving it at that. We’re hoping eventually to be able to bring him with us but we want to be able to kind of get ourselves used to it before we bring him. It is definitely different there’s a lot more to think about like packing before I leave and trying to make sure he’s all situated it’s a longer process to get ready but it’s worth it.”

Her WWE Goals/WrestleMania Dream Match: “I can tell you that my ultimate goal I would love, love, love to have a mixed tag match at WrestleMania with me and Johnny against verses I mean it could be anybody but I’m just going to say there’s like Edge and Beth would be pretty awesome. I keep putting this out there because I’m hoping. Then Seth and Becky would be really awesome too.”