Cain Velasquez issues first public statement since being arrested for attempted murder

As previously noted, former UFC heavyweight champion and WWE celebrity wrestler Cain Velasquez was arrested and charged with various offenses including attempted murder.

Velasquez issued a public statement regarding the situation via Twitter…

“To everyone who has expressed their support for us, my family and I can never thank you enough. From the depths of our hearts and souls, we are eternally grateful for your love. Your selfless acts and encouraging words have given me strength in my darkest moments. This story is complex and is slowly unfolding right now. To all the true victims of this case, may God grant you the strength to speak publicly. Although the hardest part is reliving the pain you have suffered, by speaking honestly, justice will be done and your true recovery will begin. I will never stop helping and loving my community and all of you. Thank you for loving me. — Cain Velasquez”