Bully Ray issues response to “AEW IWC toxic trash” that claimed he was “put in his place” by Swerve Strickland

AEW world champion Swerve Strickland made an appearance on Busted Open Radio and had a discussion with host Bully Ray. Ray said that Swerve has an upcoming “premium live event” match against Will Ospreay and Swerve replied by saying, “we don’t do PLEs, we got pay-per-views.” Ray thanked Swerve for correcting him.

Twitter/X user @istomatoafruit shared the video clip and said that Ray was “put in his place” by Swerve. Ray issued a response to the user…

“Dear God…🤣 Yeah…I really got ‘put in my place.’ Once again, the nameless, faceless AEW IWC toxic trash rears its ugly head. But when ya got nothin, you’ll try to hold onto anything. Keep it comin. ✌🏽”