Bully Ray comments on reports that Charlotte Flair is ‘difficult’ to work with

As previously noted, there has reportedly been unhappiness “for a long time” between Charlotte Flair and many of the female WWE stars.

During an edition of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray commented on the reports that Charlotte Flair is allegedly “difficult” to work with…

“Difficult to work with also comes down to knowing your worth. You see, the wrestling business has morphed into this weird, quirky yes-man, yes-woman territory. If you don’t just say, ‘Yes’ to everything, if you stand your ground and fight for what you believe in, you’re deemed difficult. By that definition, don’t you think wrestlers like The Undertaker, or Stone Cold Steve Austin, or The Rock were difficult to work with?”

“Is that truly difficult? No, it’s just somebody believing in their convictions the way their character has been portrayed. It’s not always, ‘Well this is what the office wants, you have to do it this way.’ There’s talking, there’s negotiating, there’s working it out. So, when I hear the term ‘difficult’ I really try to put it under a microscope and find out, how is this person so difficult to work with? You mentioned Charlotte Flair. Charlotte is top of the food chain.” (quotes courtesy of SEScoops.com)