Bryan Danielson went through the pain of a broken orbital bone until his nose went numb

As previously noted, Bryan Danielson suffered a broken orbital bone and has been out of action since the end of October. During an interview with Marc Raimondi of, Bryan’s wife Brie Garcia (formerly Bella) commented on the injury…

“He’s made of steel. It’s just one of those things that’s unfortunate for pro wrestlers. Our body ages, but mentally, we don’t. I think his body is just like, ‘I think it’s time to hang up the boots,’ but he’s so strong. I mean, nothing holds him back. Even when he got the two broken bones in his orbital, he was dealing with the pain and like, ‘I’m fine,’ until his nose went numb and everything else. So they were like, ‘Yeah, you need to get X-rays,’ but Bryan is so tough, and you’ll see him back sooner than later. That’s for sure.” (quote courtesy of Robert DeFelice)

Danielson is scheduled to participate in the AEW Continental Classic tournament.