Bryan Danielson talks about how AEW is changing wrestling

Daniel Bryan recently did an interview with and talked about how AEW is changing wrestling…

“The one thing that I think is really cool about AEW is that if you haven’t watched wrestling in a long time, or you’ve fallen away from it, I encourage you to check it out because AEW is modernizing professional wrestling. A lot of professional wrestling has been stuck in an older mindset, but I think younger fans are really being drawn to AEW because they’re modernizing. The world has changed so much in the 20 years since I started wrestling. The speed at which we expect things to happen has changed so much. AEW has taken those changes and put them into the wrestling. When you watch the 2-hours on Dynamite or the hour on Rampage, it flies by. It feels like such an incredible experience. You can see it because of the people in the building, it’s a different experience.”

“One of the things about how AEW presents wrestling is it is a very sporting concept. The records and rankings are important. Kenny Omega doesn’t want to give me a rematch, so I’ll earn a rematch. I’m trying to build up and go through as many people as possible. AEW has a lot of great, great wrestlers that I want to get in the ring with, but I’m not getting into the ring to have a great wrestling match, I want to kick their heads in, and eventually get a shot at Kenny Omega, but this time for the AEW Championship.”

AEW star Bryan Danielson’s career has Delaware roots

All Elite Wrestling star Bryan Danielson is a familiar face to wrestling fans, but as he grapples in Philadelphia Wednesday, he’ll be just a few miles away from a key launching point in his career. “The American Dragon” recently made the switch from WWE to AEW, wrestling his first match against AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, who helped launch the promotion in 2018.