Bryan Danielson on CM Punk being fired: “He’s been an important part of AEW and I wish him the best going forward”

When AEW President Tony Khan discussed CM Punk being fired from AEW, he mentioned that he spoke with a “discipline committee” prior to making his final decision. It was later reported that there was a three-person committee including AEW General Counsel Chris Peck and Bryan Danielson along with an outside attorney.

Last week, Bryan talked about his role in Punk being fired and issued additional comments during an interview with…

“I’m just a part of the disciplinary committee and we had to take the action that we had to take. The whole thing was hard. I really like Punk and I have a lot of respect for Punk. He’s been an important part of AEW and I wish him the best going forward. I hope he does a great job there and I hope he has a lot of fun. Past that, I don’t really want to say a lot.”

“Nobody wants to be part of a disciplinary committee. My wife [Brie Bella] and I joke, ‘You could turn it into a gimmick.’ The reality is, I was kind of honored when they asked me to be a part of it. It’s not something I get paid for. I’m just like the other wrestlers in the sense that I don’t have a contract outside of being a wrestler contract. I’m just one of the wrestlers. I was honored to take on more. When they asked me to take on more roles backstage, that always makes you feel good of like, ‘they trust me in these positions.’ With this being my last full-time year as a wrestler, that’s something I’m looking at going forward. What other things can I do besides being in the ring that could help AEW? It’s been good. It’s been interesting. All the other people on the committee, they have college degrees, they are lawyers, I’m like, ‘I don’t have any education.’ [laughs]. I’ve been playfighting in my spandex for 24 years. That’s my education.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)