Bryan Danielson could end up missing the 2024 NJPW Wrestle Kingdom PPV

As previously noted, Bryan Danielson suffered a broken orbital bone and could be out of action until the end of 2023. Danielson was reportedly planning to perform at the NJPW Wrestle Kingdom event in January of 2024 but his status is now uncertain. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed the situation…

“Yeah, it’s sad… I don’t know if he makes it to the Tokyo Dome show… It may be touch and go if he had surgery for January 4th. Hopefully, he can do it. Hopefully, he can finish the next however many months it is. He didn’t put a time on exactly when it is next year that he’s gonna be done.

In theory, his contract would be over in September. Obviously, Tony [Khan] could extend it, but he’s not gonna be a dirty guy in the situation if Bryan wants to be finished. If Bryan promised he’s gonna be finished at the end of this contract, then he wants to be finished. The guy can always quit; he just can’t go back to WWE, and I don’t think he’s gonna go back to WWE at this point, not that he’s got anything against WWE, and never say never, I don’t wanna say he’d never do it.” (quote courtesy of