Bryan Danielson comments on not becoming world champion during his run with AEW

At the 2024 SXSW convention, Bryan Danielson commented on not becoming world champion during his run with AEW…

“The idea is to pass on what stardom I have been given to try and pass it on to the younger wrestlers. I’ve had some people ask me or say things to me like, “Oh Bryan, you should be champion, or you should’ve been champion, or you should of this or you should of that. And the reality is to me, no, the champions that we’ve had have been great.

Hangman was a great champion, MJF was a great champion and it elevated these younger people to now these people are stars. You put Hangman on TV now and he draws a rating, you put MJF now on TV (and) he draws a rating. It would be easy to just take stars of the past and make them your champion and make them your top guy, that’s the easy way. It’s much harder to take somebody like MJF who hadn’t been on national television and turn him into a star that draws ratings. That was my bigger goal, is to transfer stardom from one generation to another.” (quote courtesy of