Bryan Danielson comments on missing the 2023 AEW All In PPV due to a broken arm

As previously noted, it was believed that Bryan Danielson fractured his right forearm with about ten minutes left to go in his match against Kazuchika Okada at the 2023 AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door PPV event.

During an appearance on The Nikki and Brie Show, Danielson commented on the injury and missing the AEW All Out PPV…

“He (Kazuchika Okada) did an elbow drop to me off the top rope and it ended up breaking my arm. Then I wrestled another 10 minutes with the broken arm, which the doctor said made it worse. But, that said, I find a certain joy in doing things that are hard and finishing them and even though it probably caused me a little bit more damage, I got more value out of it given that-that had happened, versus if it had not happened and even though I, in no way shape or form — if I could take it back, I would wish my arm never got broken and that I’d be able to be able to wrestle at All In in Wembley (Stadium). It’s gonna be one of the biggest wrestling crowds in history on Sunday and I don’t get to take part in it because my arm is still healing. But, despite that and I wouldn’t ask for my arm to be broken if I could do it over again. But because it did happen and I couldn’t control it, it almost gave more meaning to how I felt about the match itself and also, I did a press conference afterwards with my broken arm. Now, we didn’t know how bad it was at the time. But I think there’s — and I do this a lot when I’m fasting. There’s a lot of health benefits to fasting, but when you put yourself in an uncomfortable position or you do something that’s uncomfortable and you keep doing it, the thing is not, okay, yeah, I did it. It’s can I do this? For example, while fasting or wrestling with a broken arm or doing a press conference with a broken arm. Can I do this and keep a good attitude while being in pain? While starving? And those are things that I think about myself or I think to myself when these things are happening so that’s one of the matches that I’m really — if I’m looking back on something versus experiencing something in the moment.

I really enjoyed that match with Okada and as far as who wins between MJF and Adam Cole, I’m just excited to watch it. I think the spectacle of All In as far as being in front of such a large crowd, nobody in our generation of wrestlers has wrestled in front of that many people before. So I’m just excited to watch it and watch part of history.” (quote courtesy of