Bryan Danielson comments on how AEW is different from WWE

During an appearance on The Masked Man Show, Bryan Danielson talked about how AEW is different from WWE…

“I just think they [AEW] embrace the idea of being professional wrestling is the, is the real difference. And WWE is, is trying to be more generalized entertainment. Try to get it as, try to get it like, the masses involved in, ‘how do we get the masses involved in whatever this is?’ Right, to this thing. It’s weird. Sometimes I would get the sense that they, people wouldn’t, they don’t want to be professional wrestling.”

“They would like to be something else entirely, you know, that’s kind of the switch away from, pro wrestling is this other thing, this dirty thing, this low rent thing, and what we do is something completely different, whereas AEW embraces the history of professional wrestling.” (quote courtesy of