Bryan Danielson comments on being able to return early from injury at AEW All Out 2023

As seen during the 2023 AEW All Out PPV event, Bryan Danielson defeated Ricky Starks in his first match since June’s Forbidden Door PPV. It was reported that Bryan wouldn’t likely be able to return until early October.

While speaking to media after the show, Bryan commented on being cleared to return sooner than expected…

““So, the arm feels great. Nigel McGuinness has succinctly pointed out, many times at this point, that we have 206 bones in our body. 205 of mine are perfectly OK. And even the 206, is almost impenetrable at this point. But we have great doctors here and there’s certain magic to pro wrestling. I’ve talked about this before, magicians don’t necessarily reveal their secrets. But because we have the best fans in the world here at AEW, people are legitimately concerned for my safety so I will pull back the curtain a little bit in this.”

“There was a lot of smoke and mirrors tonight. And I was in no danger whatsoever, other than the regular danger that you can get in doing a hiptoss. But I didn’t even throw a strike with my right arm and I don’t think anybody noticed. There are all of these things that you can do to avoid — and especially where I’m at in the healing process. We talked to not just Dr. Sampson, who I love and we went through every single thing in that with him — but we talked to the surgeon, who has no interest [in if I wrestle on this pay-per-view or not]. He’s just giving us his recommendation. All of that was talked through with doctors, so I felt very comfortable doing it. The company felt very comfortable doing it, our doctors and outside doctors felt comfortable doing it. So yeah, here I am and I feel great.” (quotes courtesy of

Bryan also put over Starks for carrying the match.