Bruce Prichard lists his Mount Rushmore of wrestling promoters

During his Something to Wrestle podcast, WWE executive Bruce Prichard listed his “Mount Rushmore” of wrestling promoters…

“Vince [McMahon] obviously, I think Vince is number one,” Prichard said. “I do have to put Boesch on there because Paul was a true promoter. You have to view it through the eyes of who was a promoter, who was a marketer, who was a booker. Paul was a promoter’s promoter. Vince McMahon Sr. was a promoter.

Jim Barnett, Jim was a promoter and as years went on, Jim Crockett was the guy who owned a business, Jim [Crockett] didn’t promote. Dusty Rhodes was a promoter, even though Dusty didn’t have that moniker, that’s what Dusty did. So that would probably be it, the two Vince’s, Paul and Dusty.” (quote courtesy of