Bron Breakker talks about advice he has gotten from his father Rick Steiner and Tommaso Ciampa

During an interview with Jon Alba on, Bron Breakker talked about advice that he has gotten from his father Rick Steiner and Tommaso Ciampa in the WWE NXT brand…

“He [Rick Steiner]’s been super helpful. He gives me just great advice and wisdom all the time on things I need to be doing. We’re just very driven people – the Rechsteiner family, we’re very focused and very driven. We’re very goal-oriented. I just love focusing on the work, and I’m obsessed with the process in trying to be a better athlete and being the best athlete I possibly can be. It’s been a cool process, and he gets to be a part of that with me.”

“I’ve learned a lot about the business in a short amount of time from these older guys. Tommaso Ciampa has got to be in there too. I have to throw his name out there because he’s taught me so many things and helped me so much along the way. We’ve worked together so much, we’ve battled, battled, and battled. I think the world of him and I have so much respect for him and what he does. I couldn’t be more thankful to be in this position to where I get to work with this caliber of world-class athletes. I’m just excited to be put in a position to learn like that and make the most of these opportunities.” (quotes courtesy of