Britt Baker’s opinion of Thunder Rosa has not changed in recent months

In the summer of 2022, Britt Baker criticized former AEW women’s champion Thunder Rosa when she said, “most of the time when she opens her mouth, something stupid comes out.” In an interview with SLAM Wrestling, Baker commented on if her opinion of Rosa has changed in reason months…

“I stand by everything I said because I still have the same questions… You are traveling all over the place for other projects but you’re not coming work where you are the champion? I have that question. I want to know why. I am just asking that question because I’m very passionate and protective of AEW. Anyone can call me a bully but I stand by that and that question still hasn’t been answered to this day. People like Adam Cole would have killed to be able to come to work but he cannot travel. It is not like he was going in and doing a signing or convention or a seminar. They’re not coming to work but he wasn’t able to even leave the house.”

As previously noted, Rosa has been doing Spanish commentary for AEW as she continues to recover from her back injury.