Britt Baker fires back at criticism over a photo she shared with Nikki and Brie Garcia

As previously noted, “The Bella Twins” brand has been dropped as Nikki and Brie will be using their last name Garcia moving forward. Nikki and Brie leaving WWE was confirmed via an article on

AEW star Britt Baker shared a photo of herself with Nikki and Brie and included the caption, “For real there’s not a single female wrestler today who wasn’t somehow inspired/influenced by @NikkiAndBrie. Thank you.” A fan commented on the photo by writing, “You always throwing shit at WWE even if it is in the most ironic way. Or are you going to tell me that you posted this photo randomly?”

Here was Britt’s response…

“What a horribly toxic take. You do realize I was a fan (just like you) first and foremost? Twitter is becoming unbearable. This is nothing about WWE vs AEW- it’s simply a post to honor two literal legends who inspired me and many others to be a wrestler Have a nice fucking day😘.”