Britt Baker comments on Adam Cole being out of action in AEW

Former AEW women’s champion Britt Baker did an interview with and here are the highlights…

Adam Cole being injured: “He’s definitely recovering and healing. So I hope, just like everybody else, that we get to see him back in the wrestling ring soon, but he’s definitely going to have to take some time to recover.”

The Owen Hart tournament: “That’s still so surreal just to be a part of the tournament in general. I was like, ‘Wow, we get to do that? AEW gets to do that and I get to be a part of it.’ It still doesn’t seem real to me because it’s just such an important part of wrestling history that was put on pause for a second essentially. Now fast forwarding, we’re going to have this tournament every year, and to be the first one, it is really special. I hope that we do his name and his legacy proud and we continue to.” (quotes courtesy of