Britt Baker addresses AEW t-shirt design that has been claimed to “support domestic violence”

As seen during the April 19th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, Britt Baker was brutally attacked by The Outcasts. AEW ended up releasing a t-shirt design of Britt Baker sporting a black eye from the attack that was promoted by The Outcasts. However, the design received some online criticism with the idea being that random people would not understand the context of it and believe that it was supporting domestic violence.

Britt ended up addressing the criticism via Twitter…

“Supports domestic violence how? I got a black eye in a RING? My enemies put a pic on a shirt to troll me and I outsmarted them.🤑 Does that mean all the (top selling) bloody T-shirts are supporting murder? If a male wrestler had a shirt with a black eye would you be this pissed?”