Brian Kendrick apologizes again for his past comments about the Holocaust

As previously noted, Brian Kendrick was pulled from the February 2nd 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite after past interview comments resurfaced. Kendrick had made remarks about the Holocaust, 9/11, the JFK assassination, the moon landing, and other conspiracy theory topics.

Kendrick recently apologized and while appearing on the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast, Kendrick addressed the matter again…

“When it gets thrown back in your face, one — it’s embarrassing, but two — you start to reflect, you’re forced to reflect on it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being so cold-hearted and trying to profit off of tragedy, I suppose is what it was. I was trying to gain off of others’ tragedies by making conspiracy to create a buzz for myself to gain some sort of bookings.”

“It was a terrible idea and even if it hadn’t affected anybody, it’s still just horribly embarrassing. I am sorry for anybody — to people I hurt, for making light of stuff that happened to them or their family. I hope you accept that.” (quote courtesy of