Booker T says Triple H was already a bigger star than CM Punk prior to marrying Stephanie McMahon

During his recent podcast, Booker T commented on the CM Punk vs. MJF promo battle from the November 24th 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite. Booker T brought up CM Punk’s shot at Triple H…

“He’s [Miz] good at what he does, you know, even MJF. I don’t look at MJF as being the best wrestler in the world. I just don’t. But as far as him going out there and being able to sell tickets and put behinds on the seats, he does that, he does it very well. I think, you know, from CM Punk’s side, it’s always going back to WWE to get a cheap pop, and you could say whatever you want about that. I just think, you know, the stuff about Tony Khan needing to get a daughter, you know, that kind of stuff. Yeah, I mean, it just rings bitter, you know? I mean I guess to me everything that MJF said in that promo, it was hard bro. It was hardcore. If I was on the opposite end, I would have been throwing up my hands to block some of the punches coming my way.”

“It ticks me off a little bit, I’ve worked with Hunter (Triple H) since WCW. Hunter was a bigger star than CM Punk was before he even married Stephanie McMahon and that’s just fact. As far as becoming a bigger star after that, of course he was going to become a bigger star after that (marrying Stephanie), he was in the family now. Look here, if CM Punk would’ve married Stephanie McMahon, he would’ve become a bigger star, perhaps.” (quotes courtesy of