Booker T says that his WWE contract “should be coming up here soon”

While speaking at the River City Wrestling Con (via Going Ringside With The Local Station), WWE NXT announcer Booker T said the following…

“I think (wrestling) is about having fun more than anything, especially the NXT brand. If you’re watching it and you’re listening to me, we’re having fun, we’re winning. I think, right now, NXT is hot. Everybody is geared to going out and performing and performing to try and make it to that next level. And if I can have any part in these guys making it to the next level, I’m a have some fun.”

“Contract should be coming up here soon and, you know, like Sexyy Red says, ‘shake it real fast, get a little more.’ I didn’t think I was going to be having this much fun at this stage in my career.” (quotes courtesy of