Booker T: “I’m actually ashamed of myself for some of the stuff I did in TNA”

During his podcast, Booker T spoke candidly about his run with Impact Wrestling aka TNA from 2007 to 2009…

“I was trying my best to entertain myself in TNA. When I got to TNA, I really had high hopes to really, really be able to capture some moments in that company and after about two weeks, I realized none of that was gonna happen, so I just started acting a fool. I really did. I really started acting a fool. I’m actually ashamed of myself for some of the stuff I did in TNA. I really am because I knew it wasn’t going anywhere and I lost my zeal for really going out and performing the way I think I always had before that.”

“I lost my motivation. I had a two year contract and I lost my motivation. I’ve been watching Last Dance. I’m at episode nine, and to watch Michael Jordan’s drive, he was like a tyrant. He wanted nothing but the best from the guys that were around him. I know when I went to TNA, I felt I had that same feeling as far as, I’m going to push these guys to really see exactly how far they can go because I knew I had some young talent that I could really, really go out there and maybe create some magic with. Then when none of that happened, I lost my passion just because I knew it was out of my hands. It was out of my control. There was nothing I could do with it. I was nowhere near that circle of people that was running it or anything like that. So I just literally just said, man, I’m going to come pick my check up, I’m going to try to have some fun, and try to create something at the same time, and when these two years are over, we’ll move on.” (quotes courtesy of