Booker T criticizes what Athena (Ember Moon) said about her WWE experience

As previously noted, former WWE star Athena (Ember Moon) talked about the final months of her time with WWE and vented her frustrations.

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T addressed what Athena said about her time with the company…

“I listened to certain parts of it. I don’t know, I’m one of those types of people, you don’t want to leave a company, I tried to leave all those stories behind. I try not to think about the negative part of it or anything like that. But one thing I do know is Athena was given an opportunity in WWE after trying on several occasions.”

“And they brought her in. Athena was doing really, really well, and then she tore her Achilles. That right there is a really, really bad injury to come back from but she definitely weathered and came back from it and came back from it seemed like, stronger, perhaps, than before. [She was] doing great things [and] was in a tag team with Shotzi Blackheart, and that thing was going somewhere, and then kind of fizzled out for some reason. Shotzi got paired with somebody else, I’m sure that made Athena feel a certain way. But there again, when we’re talking about insider information that happened in meetings and stuff like that, I’m not a big fan of going out and talking about what happened in meetings.”

“You just never know what the future brings, or what the future holds. And putting yourself in a bad situation to where there may be a bridge that you can’t cross back over it, serves you no purpose more than anything, and I just don’t know why she made the comments. Oh, just like say for instance throwing Mandy Rose in there or even put Mandy Rose’s name out there, you know. Mandy Rose might like the way she goes out and dresses, she might like the role that she’s playing. It might benefit her very, very well to play that role. At the end of the day, everybody is going to have a role. Okay, whether you want to take your role a little bit further than next person, you know, that’s up for debate. I mean that’s up to chance or whatever. But I do know if it’s something that the company wants and it’s something that they’re talking about inside the company, I don’t think it’s something that they wanted anybody outside of that meeting to actually know about, and that right there just kind of, you know, makes me feel a certain way about.” (quotes courtesy of