Booker T comments on his backstage interaction with CM Punk at NXT Deadline

During his podcast, WWE NXT announcer Booker T commented on his backstage interaction with CM Punk at the 2023 NXT Deadline PLE…

“CM Punk wasn’t hiding. He wasn’t hidden away in some room making a surprise appearance. He was running around, mingling. I ran into CM Punk in catering. He was sitting there talking with a couple of friends (Jeremy Borash). I got me a little meal and sat down. Before I sat down, I walked up to CM Punk and I said, ‘CM Punk! What up man?’ He stands up and he goes, “What’s up man, you flip flopper.” I go, ‘You know how the business is, sometimes you’re a heel, sometimes you’re a babyface but welcome home.'”

“He seems to be ready to rewrite the legacy of CM Punk and finish this thing off properly. How many times have I said it? … at the end of the day, we all want to get a chance to finish this thing right and then thank the fans for that rise. He seemed like he was a great space. I can’t say anything bad about him. I know people wish that I would say something bad about CM Punk. It ain’t kissing ass or anything like that either. He seemed like he was in a calm space.” (quotes courtesy of