Booker T comments on fans being disappointed with the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble

During his recent podcast, Booker T discussed the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match and the reaction to Brock Lesnar winning…

“It didn’t ruin it for me or anything like that. But when you saw the scenario play out from the beginning you thought one way and I think a lot of other people thought it that way. I think that’s what maybe took the allure out of it. So I can see how people are disappointed and they didn’t get perhaps what they wanted as far as who they wanted to win the Rumble, or perhaps how it played out, I totally get it. But you can’t hit a home run every time.”

“I think the men’s Royal Rumble was missing those organic surprises. I think that’s what it was missing, I think it was missing, for instance, ‘one of a kind, RVD’ showing up. That’s what the Royal Rumble was pretty much built upon. Who are we going to see that we totally didn’t expect to see, but man we are so happy to see him. One of those types of moments. I think we missed out on that, I think the Royal Rumble this year was about the finish.” (quotes courtesy of