Booker T calls out AEW fans and says “they don’t care about those guys in the ring”

During his podcast, Booker T commented on “Hangman” Adam Page suffering a concussion and how some fans were upset that Page’s match with Jon Moxley was stopped…

“You know what? Hey, bro, that’s the AEW fans, man. They don’t care about those guys in the ring. They do not care about those guys working. Those guys could — they’re nothing more than toys, video game for these guys. If they’re not out there getting a ‘This Is Awesome’ chant, they don’t give a damn about these guys going out there getting hurt. They really don’t.”

“AEW, they are one bad accident away from something really, really being done about what’s going on in that company and people looking at it from a different perspective. They really are one bad accident away. I don’t know if you saw, one of my own former students Ember Moon, and she kicked this girl so hard. There’s no way you could brace yourself for you know, what I saw. Okay, is it cool? Are those guys, the fans loving it? Yeah, yeah, they are loving it. But it’s a reason why I’m still walking around today. There’s a reason why I’m still in the gym training… it’s because I knew how to go out and perform. It was a certain way on house shows, it was a certain way on overseas tours, it was a certain way on Monday night and Thursday night, it was a certain way on PPV, all right? And neither one of them was the same. When I see these guys going out and performing the way they are today, just throwing caution to the wind and not giving a damn about the person that they’re working with, it’s beyond me.” (quotes courtesy of