Booker T addresses The Hurt Business being split up

During his recent podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T commented on the Hurt Business faction being split up…

“I’m disappointed. I saw The Hurt Business, not just as the faction as a collective, but I saw Cedric Alexander being able to do a whole lot more being a part of the group, being aligned. The guy is very, very talented. Sometimes you gotta be able to figure out how to get the most out of someone like a Cedric Alexander, a guy who has all the in-ring ability to go out and perform at a very, very high level, but may be lacking as far as his storytelling. He may do something out there with this guy and does the same thing with that guy.

You have to tell him, ‘Hey man, we have to pull it back here when we are working with this one.’ So, having a coach, like MVP in his head from a realistic standpoint, was definitely something good for Cedric Alexander. If Cedric couldn’t come back after a match and go to MVP and say, ‘Hey man, what do you think?”. I’m not talking about some TV managerial expertise. I’m talking about real-time, real-life and say, ‘Go out and try it like this. Do this here and what not and I think it will look a lot better.’

Man, that’s somebody that’s going to help this kid move up the ladder. He’s going to be better after The Hurt Business is all over with if we keep them together for six months, eight months, a year. Cedric’s going to be a much better talent for your roster if something like that is to go down. Now, someone like Shelton Benjamin, OG, a guy that’s definitely an all-purpose, a guy that can do just about anything you want him to do. ‘Ok, you need me to go out and really get over tonight? I can do that.’ There are so many different things that Shelton is perfect for. Then, you have Bobby, who is the ultimate specimen, a guy who definitely has kicked it into another gear. I always talk about gears and guys being able to have three, four gears. Bobby Lashley, over this last year, has definitely kicked it into another gear. We are seeing a different Bobby Lashley than we’ve seen in quite some time. Even when he was in TNA, even when he was in WWE before when he was with me, Bobby has definitely found himself.”

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