Bobby Lashley says he has a “tremendous amount of respect” for Vince McMahon

During an interview with, Bobby Lashley gave his thoughts on Vince McMahon retiring from wrestling

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Vince. Vince created something that is unheard of. I told him when I heard the news, it’s amazing how many people he’s taken care of. He put my kids through school, he put a roof over my head, and he did it for so many other people. There’s thousands of people that can say that.”

“He’s a pioneer of the business, he created an empire. The reason why I’m standing here today is because of him, so of course, I have all the respect for Vince and I hope that things get worked out however they may. I hope that I can always be able to contact him and get some advice with things moving forward.”