Bobby Lashley comments on recent WWE releases and current backstage atmosphere

In an interview with to promote the 2021 Summerslam PPV, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley commented on the backstage atmosphere in WWE and the recent talent releases…

“I think the feeling is good. We get tested with so many things. Everyone will say, “This is it. This is the downfall of WWE.” It’s never going to be. We have so much talent in WWE. WWE is never going to be beaten or contested. It’s always going to be the flagship of professional wrestling. That’s never going to change.

It’s been a rough time with the pandemic. We’ve seen a number of talents’ time in WWE end, but as you and others have shown, it’s not always for good.

I just tell the guys if you do get that call, and they say your contact expired, or they have to let you go, the worst thing you can do is be one of those people who goes online bad-mouthing. It looks really sad. A lot of these guys wouldn’t even be the guys they were without WWE. They made a name for themselves. They can just look back at the money they received from WWE up to this point. Then you’re here telling this company you hate them, but you have a brand new house, swimming pool in the back, kids are taken care of with a lot of money in the bank.

When I first left, I kept my head down. I kept grinding and knew I was going to find another option to get in again. I never burned any bridges. I came back and became a world champion. Things change all the time. And if it’s not your time, it’s not your time. You just keep grinding because there is a lot of money to be made in the wrestling business. I want to see everyone succeed.”

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