Bobby Fish comments on what was different about his AEW run compared to WWE NXT

During an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, Bobby Fish reflected on his runs with WWE NXT and AEW…

“I feel like if if given the choice, I do perform better with a little bit more structure, but not handcuffs. And I feel like um there was a good portion of time in the NXT run where we had that. We had enough structure, but not so much to where it was a problem. But that wasn’t the entire run. And then with AEW, there were probably times where I would have liked a little bit more direction. And I think that there’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle. And I don’t know that either company, or any company, gets it right 100% of the time. Obviously that’s the goal, and I think there was a time in NXT for a good period of time where we were clicking on the cylinders that we should have been.”

“I feel like with AEW, especially with Adam and Kyle. Once we were there and history that we had with, let’s say like the Bucks and I mean, you could even roll the Briscoes — there was a lot of I think, money on the table that I hoped we would visit, and it just didn’t go that way.” (quotes courtesy of