Bobby Fish comments on a possible WWE return and says “the ball was dropped” during his AEW run

Former AEW star Bobby Fish did an interview with NBC Sports Boston’s Steve Fall and here are the highlights…

Leaving AEW: “Contract was coming up for potential renewal and we couldn’t find common ground on the numbers that would be needed for both sides to be happy. So yeah, I’m a free agent.”

Why Young Bucks vs. reDRagon never happened: “I think the ball was dropped. You know, obviously, I’m biased in a certain direction. But like, I think you got to know what you have and you got to understand the value of your talent and what you have. To say that the process was mismanaged would be a monumental understatement, we were a proven commodity as a group, proven commodities as individuals, and yeah, I mean, don’t screw it up, stupid.”

Possible return to WWE: “I don’t know. I’m open to all options and offers at the moment. I do know that there have been quite a few people who have gone back through those doors. I’m happy for the people that I know were left there after I had left a lot of friendships and whatnot, and things were weird there for a bit. So for them to be back in the direction of some normalcy and some positivity working for Hunter [Triple H], I know I enjoyed it, I’m just happy for the people that I know that remained and then the people that have come back to work there. I’m happy that it’s a good place to be again.” (quotes courtesy of