Board members for the WWE and UFC merged company TKO Group Holdings revealed

In a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, 10 of the 11 board members for TKO Group Holdings (the company created through WWE’s merger with UFC) have been revealed and they are as follows…

Vincent K. McMahon (WWE), 77
Ariel Emmanuel (Endeavor), 62
Egon P. Durban (Endeavor), 49
Nick Khan (WWE), 48
Steven R. Koonin (WWE), 66
Jonathan A. Kraft (Endeavor), 59
Sonya E. Medina (Endeavor), 47
Mark Shapiro (Endeavor), 53
Nancy R. Tellem (WWE), 70
Carrie Wheeler (Endeavor), 51

The following was stated in the filing…

Under the terms of the transaction agreement, upon the completion of the Transactions, the New PubCo Board will consist of 11 members who will be determined prior to the Closing, five of whom will be selected by WWE, of whom (x) two will be members of the WWE management team (one of whom will be Mr. McMahon) and (y) three will be independent, and six of whom will be selected by Endeavor, of whom (x) three will be members of the Endeavor management team or Endeavor directors (one of whom will be Mr. Emanuel) and (y) three will be independent.

According to, the merger is expected to close in mid to late September.