Billy Gunn feels that AEW stars should be slowing down and doing fewer moves

While appearing on Busted Open Radio, AEW star Billy Gunn commented on advice that he would give to some of the younger talent…

“Back down on half of the stuff that they do. That, for me, is the biggest thing. There’s a time and a place to crack out all of your stuff. But I feel that they’re so young, they do not realize that their bodies are not going to be able to take this. So, they literally go out there, and it’s not that they’re working hard. They feel like if they don’t do all their stuff, they’re not working hard. That’s not the case. If I am with an extra and I have four minutes on our YouTube show, I don’t have to do a 450, and a Spanish Fly, and everything in my arsenal every single time I am out there. I feel they don’t know how to go, ‘okay, I want to do this and this. So, let me workaround to get to this, so I get the most out of that move.’ But it’s just move after move, after move, after flip, after dive. They don’t structure matches like a psychologist would structure stuff.”

“I think one of the things is they’re not letting the people get emotionally invested in them and letting them absorb what their personalities are. Because they just go, go, go, go, go, and the hardest thing for people to teach is don’t do anything and get the most out of it, and then selling. It’s just go, go, go and the people never have time to catch up. They think just because the people are making noise, they’re over. That’s it, ‘I am it. Did you hear the people?’ Yeah but, they don’t know you, they’re just popping on the move stuff because they can’t do it. It’s just a reaction to something you’re doing and it’s forgotten about the next time somebody walks out of the tunnel. So I think a lot of it is not letting people into what their character, or who they are.” (quotes courtesy of