Bill Goldberg staying with WWE past the Elimination Chamber PPV?

Bill Goldberg will be challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title at the 2022 Elimination Chamber PLE in what is believed to be his final match under his current contract with the company.

During a clip of his Goldberg at 54 documentary that was uploaded by WWE over the weekend, Goldberg commented on wanting to stay involved as long as he can…

“I genuinely appreciate every single human being that has been a fan at any time of my career because that means I did something right along the way. People see me as a mythical character. When I’m in the ring every once in a I’m here to show people that it doesn’t matter your age. It matters only about your desire, your willingness to work.

I never imagined there would still be an opportunity. I never imagined that there would still be the desire for me to go out and do what I did when I was on top. So things change people, change and situations change. I may be 54 but I really am more than willing to continue to learn about this business and as long as I have something to offer it, then, you know, I’ll still be a part of it.”

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of talked about the chances of Goldberg staying with the company past the Elimination Chamber PPV in Saudi Arabia…

“I’ve not heard him re-signing. I would expect that they would re-sign him. They’re not going to put the title on him unless he re-signs, I’m sure of that… I could see the argument because of being so high not to re-sign him, but I just sense that they probably will. One, to keep him away from the opposition, and the other, because they can afford to do it… Again, like the Saudis. There’s not too many guys from that era left. In fact, there’s just about nobody. Sting is.

But, the people there, they want those 90s guys because that’s who they grew up on and that’s who the real wrestlers are to them. You can’t really… I guess they could bring Hogan back. They brought him there one year. But, they want that nostalgia stuff. The old stuff. And Bill looks enough like Bill Goldberg to pull it off and, so, just for that, he’s that attraction if they want.” (quotes courtesy of