Bill DeMott shoots on what happened with the WCW stars at Wrestlemania 17

During an appearance on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast, Bill DeMott talked about himself and other WCW stars appearing at Wrestlemania 17 in 2001. Just a week prior to the event, Shane McMahon was announced as the new storyline owner of the company.

Here is what DeMott said…

“I have an opportunity to start my WWE career in the ring at WrestleMania 17 next to Shane McMahon. They flew us in secret squirrel at two o’clock in the morning to some rinky dink airport and we stayed at a hotel outside the city limits. We got woken up at six o’clock the morning of Mania, and ‘You’re fired. Get everybody in a lobby, be there in five minutes.’, and it was Johnny Ace. ‘Get everybody down there. You’re all fired.’ I’m trying to figure out what happened between the time I landed, and then you’re trying to put it together. Like I flew in with these couple guys. Nothing happened. You know, we’re here in the hotel. Lance Storm comes down. Now he’s pissed, which, you know, he’s so even keeled, you don’t know if he’s mad, happy, or breathing half the time, he’s just so straight. Now he’s talking to me, and he’s on fire. Johnny comes down and says that Kevin Dunn called and to send every one of them home, we got no use for them because someone went on the internet the night before and gave up the 10 names that were showing up in the ring. So we went from going to get the red carpet to being picked up on some kind of little short yellow bus.”

“They told us because they flew us in there, they had to show us. I mean, we really got the Bad News Bears treatment. We walked up. They took us to the stairs. No elevators. We had to walk up all those stairs to the skybox. When we got there, they told us you can leave your bags in this bus. So we walked up the stairs. Here come the sky boxes. Not that one. Not that one. It was one in the dark that had some stuff they moved from other rooms. There was a cheese and cracker plate and a couple of bottles of coke. We sat there in the dark, and then Shane came out, introduced his friends, and there’s a silhouette of me, Lance Storm, and I forget who was sitting next to us, just miserable. So that was our WrestleMania moment.” (quotes courtesy of