Bianca Belair talks about how her path to WWE was “unique”

In an interview with, Bianca Belair talked about how she wasn’t a wrestling growing up and her journey into WWE…

“My path to WWE was unique. I didn’t know it was a dream until it became my reality. But I didn’t find wrestling. Wrestling found me.”

“I think the most difficult thing for me was I feel like I was playing catchup in trying to learn the history of the business and the art part of performing. I would say (the character Bianca Belair) is pretty much how I am, but just amped up to 1000.”

Triple H was also quoted in the interview…

“When she came in and tried out for us, I don’t know that she knew necessarily what we were. She came in and was just this crazy stud athlete, and then you see she’s just an amazing person and that charisma shines through.”

‘There’s no ceiling here’ for rising WWE star Bianca Belair

TAMPA – Bianca Belair didn’t grow up following professional wrestling. She didn’t dream of WrestleMania title matches or championship belts. Belair, whose real name is Bianca Blair Crawford, ran track and participated in gymnastics. She looked up to Florence Griffith Joyner, Gail Devers and Dominique Dawes, all Black female athletes and all champions.