Bianca Belair invites celebrity to team up with her in WWE

Bianca Belair recently partnered with singer Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand for an Instagram commercial. Rihanna is currently pregnant with her first child but Belair noted to Metro UK that she would like to team up with Rihanna in the future…

“I’m a huge fan of Rihanna, I love Fenty Beauty and I’ve always thought that being a WWE superstar, makeup is such a huge part of what we do, of our characters and our personas and our presenc. Listen, we go in the ring, we have a face full of makeup but we’re in there fighting! I’m in the Royal Rumble for 56 minutes and at the end of it, lipstick still in in tact – you know, sometimes my lashes fall off! But it’s a perfect collaboration.”

“When she’s ready to come back, I would love that [to team with Rihanna]! Come tag team with me, we can be tag team champions! I think we would break the internet with that one!”

WWE’s Bianca Belair wants Rihanna as tag team partner after Fenty collaboration

Bianca Belair wants Rihanna to add ‘ WWE superstar’ to her long list of accomplishments. The 32-year-old wrestler – who will be competing against five top stars in the titular bout at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia this weekend – has teamed up with the pregnant star ‘s Fenty Beauty brand on Instagram and she’d love to take their collaboration between the ropes to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships.