Belief that The Rock having a match at WWE Wrestlemania 39 is “not happening”

As previously noted, The Rock reportedly indicated to WWE that he would not be able to get into “ring shape” in time for a rumored match against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 39.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed the situation…

“Anything is possible, and it’s certainly possible he could be keeping everything a secret from all by one or two people, but the word is that he doesn’t have the time to get in the shape….All along, if he has the time to do it, he will do it. Put it this way, most are of the opinion that it’s not happening, and it’s been for months. Those on the inside thought the odds were not good based on that thing because (his schedule)… There’s no such thing as 100% because it’s a very secretive business. Within the company, it’s not looking good.”

“It was known by insiders as the probable thing for a while. It’s not like something he all of a sudden gave the final word on [a] Thursday, like ‘Hey, I’m not doing it.’ It’s like they were aware. They knew…I think this was just a change of plans (acknowledgment ceremony).” (quotes courtesy of