Belief that most of AEW’s top stars would be “relieved” if CM Punk left the company

As previously noted, AEW officially confirmed the new weekly Collision show for Saturday nights but there was no mention of CM Punk despite rumors of him being the show’s focal point.

Punk’s status with AEW remains up in the air and while there are there are several wrestlers that appear to be on board with Punk returning including FTR and Miro, Wade Keller of noted the following…

“I am consistently told by multiple people in AEW in various roles and of various ages and experience levels – wrestlers and otherwise (some who have known Punk for many years and others who just have been around him in AEW) – that most of AEW’s top wrestlers who regularly appear on Dynamite would be relieved if Punk and AEW parted ways.”

Despite Punk’s heat with some backstage talent, Dave Meltzer of wrote how Warner Brothers Discovery pushed for Punk to be brought back for the new show…

“The Punk WBD announcement was supposed to be huge, and while the Saturday show was not completely incumbent on Punk’s return, those at WBD, because of his prior ratings and business success with AEW, pushed very hard for him to be brought back.”

In a NoDQ Twitter poll, over 60% of respondents voted that Punk and AEW should part ways.