Belief that CM Punk is “probably” going to be making his return to wrestling

During his podcast, Dax Harwood confirmed that CM Punk “misses wrestling” and “wants to come back.” In regards to Punk potentially returning to AEW, Sean Ross Sapp of noted that Punk has “expressed a willingness to work in a number of ways… including with the Elite.”

Dave Meltzer of stated the following about Punk during Wrestling Observer Radio

“The big thing was the promo on Adam Page, which was totally unprofessional. There’s no defending it, but because he was never punished, which is one of the problems with this, is because he was never punished for it, it created a lot of heat that got worse and worse and worse. If he had been told, if, like, he had done that promo and Tony [Khan] would have said, ‘dude, you’re going against the script. Going to sit out for a couple of weeks.’ I think that at that point, either he would have pouted and quit and gone home, or he would have not pouted and quit and gone home, and maybe this thing would have been alleviated. I don’t know which would have happened, but it didn’t happen that way.”

“So it got worse and worse and worse. And so now we’re at this situation where it’s like, obviously he’s probably going to be back, and if they want to work and he’s going to be back, there’s ways to do it. But going in there and trying to make the other people look unprofessional is probably the worst way to do it. Unless you’re trying to just kind of like pressure them out of the company. If that’s the idea, then again, we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out.”

“This is clearly not good faith. Because it was good faith, we wouldn’t hear anything about it. They would settle it. They would settle it and we would see an angle out of nowhere that would shock everyone, or at least even or maybe we would talk about it or whatever and know the angle was coming. And if that happens, that’s fine.

“But as long as they’re talking about it, it tells me that, number one, they have no deal to do it. And number two, by doing it publicly, they’re not really looking at doing it. They’re looking at playing a public relations game over it.”