Belief that around $600,000 worth of CM Punk merchandise was sold in the first 24 hours after his WWE return

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discussed the return of CM Punk to WWE…

“I think he did $600,000 worth of merchandise like the first 24 hours that he came back. I watched SmackDown last Friday because I knew he was gonna be on. That was the reason I watched. I wasn’t gangbusters over his initial interview that he cut.”

“I think it was a really good job that Paul [Triple H] did in him showing up at Raw, showing up at SmackDown, and then basically saying that he was going to NXT to see Shawn Michaels, and then he would come back to Raw the following Monday and make his decision on who he’s gonna sign with. By doing that alone, it brought the NXT brand up because he was going to listen to what Shawn had as an offer. I thought that was brilliant. He went out and did the thing and had the Bret Hart hoodie on and he did the thing with Shawn. If you’re gonna say you’re the best in the world, you need to show that man some respect because most of us that have been in the ring with Shawn consider him the best that’s ever done that, as far as the best worker. Kudos to that whole situation.” (quote courtesy of recently reported that sales of the physical CM Punk t-shirts right after his return were in the six figures.