Behind the scenes details regarding The Firm Deletion match from AEW Rampage

During his podcast, Matt Hardy discussed The Firm Deletion match that aired during AEW Rampage…

Jeff Hardy’s involvement: “We were talking about having me vs. Ethan [Page] and having Private Party involved… I have to give Tony Khan credit for this, he said, ‘What if we did a big tag match with Jeff?’”

Cost of production: “Matt fact, Matt paid four grand for Firm Deletion landscaping. So my wife had leverage on me, right? Yeah, okay, let me explain this. So we have these air conditioning units that are outside that she’s always hated, and she’s always wanted to get landscaping done. She said, ‘Look, I don’t want that sh*t in the shot anymore. And there’s a couple of other trees that I’ve really been wanting. I want our yard to look nice. So I’m gonna get all this landscaping I’ve been wanting to get for the last year or so, and I’m gonna do it, and that way it’s gonna look good.’ I was like okay, sure do whatever. I got the bill; it was four grand. I think she took advantage of me. I may or may not be correct, but I’m pretty sure she took advantage of me. She knew I was coming to film, and I said okay, here I’m gonna give you the green light. Get this landscaping you want so that the place looks good, and she got four grand worth of landscaping.” (quotes courtesy of