Becky Lynch responds to reports that she is now a heel character

It was recently reported that WWE Smackdown women’s champion Becky Lynch is officially a heel in WWE and will be positioned as the top heel on Smackdown against Bianca Belair.

In an interview with, Becky responded to the claims…

“I’ve just come back and now I feel like suddenly there’s this conversation that I’m not doing things the right way, but I don’t know what anybody expects me to do. Do you want me to come back and toy with Bianca and give her more of a chance to look like she’s got an opportunity? Or would I come back, knowing that I haven’t done this in a while, and be smart about it and blindside her? I just did what an intelligent person would do. If you haven’t been wrestling in a long time, then you’ve been strategizing. You’ve been strategizing because you haven’t been in the ring with this person, so then you are going to do something different. You are going to catch them off guard. And now suddenly I’m the bad guy because I came back even better than ever? I don’t really understand this talk about me being a heel. I haven’t changed. I just got smarter.”

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Don’t call Becky Lynch a heel. For her, it’s just about being smarter than everyone else. Almost 15 months since she left the wrestling ring after announcing her pregnancy, the 34-year-old redhead returned in a surprise appearance at WWE’s SummerSlam in late August.