Becky Lynch not expected to sign with AEW imminently despite her WWE contract expiring

As seen during the May 27th 2024 edition of RAW, Becky Lynch lost a steel cage match to women’s champion Liv Morgan. WWE contract reportedly expires on June 1st.

In regards to Becky’s future with WWE, Mike Johnson of noted the following…

“In speaking with WWE sources, they believe they will come to terms with Lynch on a new agreement, but obviously, until and unless something is signed, anything can happen. Stay tuned.”

Wade Keller of wrote the following about what he heard regarding Becky…

“She is not, according to what she’s telling people in WWE, going to AEW imminently. Instead, multiple sources with insights into her situation indicate she is taking a hiatus. We are not aware of whether this is to spend more time at home and take a break from the grind or if it’s out of frustration with her contract offer from WWE.”

After RAW, Becky shared a photo on Twitter/X with “To be continued” as the caption.