Becky Lynch doesn’t believe that winning the WWE tag team titles with Lita was “meant to be the plan”

During an interview with Mark Andrews, Becky Lynch commented on winning the tag team titles with Lita in WWE…

“It was all a bit crazy. When that was decided, I think that was never meant to be the plan, and then they just took a side road and decided that would be the best outcome. What was so great going into that match was that nobody knew what was going to happen. People had ideas ‘and this could happen, and then we could go this way or that way.’ There were so many ways we could go. To be standing side by side with the woman who inspired you to get into this in the first place, and we talk about that grassroots and being back. I was coming down with my dyed red hair and my baggy pants and wearing my thong outside my clothes and trying to look like Lita, and here I was standing side by side as an equal about to go capture the tag titles. If you’re telling your teenage self that’s going to happen when you’re older, your teenage self would slap you across the face and tell you to be realistic. It was really awesome. Over the years, she’s become such a great friend and mentor. She was that misfit, the rock n roll grunger that had big dreams, and she recognized that in me, that I didn’t necessarily fit the mold, but I had that love for the business. We’ve been kind of kindred spirits in that way.”

“Sometimes, as a babyface, I almost don’t know how to interact with other babyfaces because The Man is so untrusting of everybody because she’s been burned so many times. I’m like, ‘Hello, friend.’ I feel very awkward in that setting. If I was going to have a tag team partner like that, you just couldn’t ask for better. Even having to get to do the story with her last year, as short as it was, it was one of the stories in wrestling that I’m most proud of, and one of the matches I’m most proud of. Now, I have a lot of history with the woman who inspired me the most.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)